Minkyung + Sam

My wife and I had the opportunity to get married in Hawaii right in the middle of the coronavirus.  We had to move our date three times and move our location once.  We were apprehensive at first but it all worked out in the end.  The wedding planner was very professional and worked with my wife who had to prepare everything by herself.  Sadly only my wife and I made it to the wedding but it was executed very well.  The wedding planner prepared everything including limo, photographer, makeup, and location.   She helped my wife coordinate everything.   She constantly kept us updated with the changes in the COVID policies.  I recommend her highly without reservation and recommend a destination wedding.  It was so easy.   Thanks again for helping us get through this easily.

Sarah + Timothy

The entire IDO Wedding & Beauty team are absolutely AMAZING!  My husband and I planned our destination wedding from Chicago, and we were not the easiest to work with considering our busy schedules and different timezone.  Despite these challenges for the IDO team, our wedding was even more magical (yes, magical) than what we could have imagined.  I sent my pinterest boards to the IDO team a few months prior, and they captured my vision 100%.  From the venue and food recommendations, to my hair and makeup on my wedding day, everything was perfect.  I am so thankful to the entire team for making our day so special.  Many of our wedding guests have told us that our wedding was the best wedding they ever attended.  A big THANK YOU to Jessica, Sophia, and Angela for everything! 

Sejin + James

We had just one year since we planned our Hawaii destination wedding from eastern part of Canada and we had the wedding we wanted last month.
My husband and I have never been to Hawaii before, so when I chose a company in Canada, I carefully read blogs and reviews, and chose I DO Hawaii wedding. Without any big frame, I contacted them with a rough idea of Hawaiian wedding. I was very happy about the recommendations everything from venue to reception to suit our situation. Thank you so much for the perfect progress and decoration on the wedding day. Although brides in North America usually bought and prepared wedding dresses a year and a half ago, but I rent a dress from I DO on the day before the wedding. It fits very well and beautiful. From Jessica to Sophia planner and photographer Ron, who took the photo shoot, we would like to express our sincere appreciation for the 6 hours of wedding + reception. Finally, this review is based on my personal experience at no cost.

Jean + Dae

We are a couple who lived in the central United States and prepared for a Hawaii destination wedding.
Once I DO wedding was one of the few places where my wife was quoted via blog and instagram. At this point when I returned from my wedding, my wife and I would say that we will be I DO even if we go back to the beginning.
The reason is 1. communication. The response speed is extremely high in katalk or email. I didn't ask any questions at once, but I was really surprised that I could reply right away even if I asked. 2. Dress and tux selection. Actually, my wife and I were going to Hawaii for the first time, and we believed in renting a car and then prepared one by one in the mind of what if we didn't like it. It is fit and style and it is style these days. 3. Easy Access. Parking in Waikiki is not easy. If you park in the building with I DO studio, it will be validated. 4. You can't choose! With so many options these days, it is very difficult to make a choice. It's a flower, a chair, and more than 100 different things to choose. If you hold the rest of the theme, I DO wedding will make an amazing finished product. 5. Weather replacement ability. In fact, it was raining at the time of our wedding, and I was impressed by the fact that it was possible to prepare for the final moments in both the rain and sundown situations for guests.
Even if it's an opportunity to remind wedding, we will contact I DO Wedding.
I hope this is a helpful review for prospective brides and grooms!

Inje + Jonghun

I found I DO to do the small destination wedding, and I think it was the best decision.

We were in a hurry and made a reservation, but I think it was really good! We were busy so I was very worried about getting ready for the wedding.
My parents also thank you so much for taking care of their accommodation, travel, and airport pick-up! I think I went too comfortable ~!

We were married at Lani Lea Chapel, which was perfect for small weddings. The chapel was bright, pretty.

Good luck with you, I DO~~!

Hyunju + Sangbum

Had to make the best memories of life in sunny weather in Hawaii ^^
It's already been 2 years ~~ While I'm at home in COVID-19 pandemic, I'm watching wedding photos and videos, and reminiscing memories ~ The hotel and golf course booked by I DO were very good ... Thank you so much for helping us !!
 I want to go again when the COVID-19 goes away.


Not only hair and makeup but also dress fitting, they  really helped me.
They gave me a style that suits me.
The results are beautiful as you can see in the photo.
The artist is also the best expert.
The photo came out really beautifully at an angle that fits my face.
Dress selection was the best.
Thank you so much, Jessica and Sophia. 


When we were in Hawaii, we took a wedding snap.
In Korea, I chose a shop through a dress tour, and when I picked a dress, I was worried that I had to pick it right on the spot without checking in advance. ' Will it suit me? '
But ... I didn't have to worry at all.
They recommend dresses what I want, and take care of everything,
It was raining in the morning and I was very worried about the whether it would be possible to take a photo outdoors. I was upset.
I knew our mind was worried about the weather.. When the indoor shooting was over, it became clear ~! The helper and photographer who helped me are very much.
I did one spot photo package. Since I received photos later, it was a regret to take 2 or 3 spot photo package so I can get more pictures because it came out really nice.
If I have a chance, I want to go travel Hawaii and take photo session again. 


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